Languages of articles: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

 The text of the article is to be saved in Microsoft Word format (DOC, DOCX) or Rich Text Format (RTF).

 The file name must include the author's family name (in the case of several authors - the first 3) and the first three words of the title of the article.


Page settings:

Size – A4

Margins: top - 2 cm; bottom, left and right - 1.5 cm Orientation - portrait Font Type - Calibri (main text), 12 pt.

Justified alignment

Line spacing – single

 Paragraph indention – 0,5 cm.


Figures should be included in the text after the reference to them and provided in separate files in TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, minimal resolution - 200 dpi.

 Complex and multi-line formulas should be typed in Microsoft Equation 3.0 formula editor or Math Type 6.0 Equation.


Structure of the article: 

1. Title of the article

2. Information about authors (name, organization)

3. Abstract - 800-1200 signs and 5-10 keywords. In the case, if the article is not in English, it is to be presented an extended abstract (1500-2000 characters) and key words in English!

4. Introduction

5. The main text

6. Conclusions

7. References for used literary sources. Representation of transliterated bibliography is obligatory (if the article is not in English) 8. A bibliographic and library classification (UDC – the Universal Decimal Classification)