Hot Stamping and subsequent Spray Cooling: a new manufacturing approach


Florian Nürnberger

Florian Nürnberger

  • Должность: Chief Engineer
  • Звание, степень: Dr.-Ing.
  • Организация: Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Подразделение: Institute für Werkstoffkunde (Materials Science)
  • Город: Hannover, Germany
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    Since a few years hot stamping of manganese boron steels has been widely established to manufacture high strength automotive parts with tensile strengths above 1,500 MPa. Though the processing is well known nowadays, production of parts like A- and B-pillars is costly due to the long time that the parts are simultaneously formed and quenched inside the press. Spray cooling, formerly applied for cooling of massive hot forged parts during precision forging, is a promising technology to reduce the holding times in the press and to generate distinguished microstructures due to a controlled local cooling adapted to the required strength specifications.

    The presentation will inform about new approaches combining a reduced holding time in the hot stamping press and a subsequent locally adapted spray cooling to increase the processing productivity and to realize specified microstructures along hot stamped profiles.

    Ссылки на литературу

    • M. Diekamp, S. Hübner, F. Nürnberger et al.: Optimised press-hardening process using spray cooling – process integrated heat treatment of 22MnB5 sheet metal, HTM - Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials 6 (2011), p. 316-322 (En)
    • B.-A. Behrens, F.-W. Bach, M. Diekamp et al.: Process Time Reduction of Hot Stamping by Means of Early Extraction from the Press, 4th Int. Conf. on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel, Luleå, 9th to 12th June 2013, Sweden, p. 259-266 (En)
    • L. Wolf, J. Moritz, M. Diekamp et al.: Partielles Vergüten mittels verkürztem Formhärteprozess und nachgeschalteter Spraykühlung, 8th Erlanger Workshop Warmblechumformung, 12.11.2013, Fellbach, Germany (De)

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